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"Our mission is to change lives"

"Our mission is to change lives"

Joel Kocher
CEO & Co-Founder


Real People, Real Results
Anne's product

Memory & Focus Chews

They are delicious!

"SuperBeets Memory & Focus Chews help me stay alert and focused when I am training hard & they are delicious!"

Anne M.

Adolio's product


"At age 67, my heart health is my #1 focus. These have helped my circulation and healthy blood flow - my doctor was so happy with my progress!"

Adolio N.

Judy's product

SuperBeets® Heart Chews

“SuperBeets Heart Chews taste amazing and gives me a boost of energy to start my busy day at the hospital. Being a healthcare professional, I am an advocate of products that help support my cardiovascular system and overall health and these chews do the job!”

Judy A.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a reminder when my subscription order is about to ship?

Yes – you will receive an email 7 days prior to your order being shipped.  This will allow you time to make any needed changes. 

When can I expect my card to be charged for each subscription?

You will be charged the same day your order is scheduled to ship. 

What if I need to change or cancel my subscription?

To modify your subscription or even cancel your subscription, login to your account where you can make these changes under "Subscriptions".

What if I need to change the frequency of my subscription?

We want to be flexible to fit your needs – so you can change your subscription at any time. To change the frequency of your subscription, login to your account where you can make these changes under "Subscriptions".

How does a subscription order work?

When you place a subscription order, it will appear in the My Account page under “Subscriptions”. From there, you can see which items you have on subscription and the frequency with which your order will be delivered (i.e. every 30, 60, or 90 days).  For example, if you choose delivery every 30 days, you will be charged for your order at that time and the product will auto-ship to you – no shipping fee!  If you want to change the frequency, amount of product, or even cancel your subscription, you can manage it all from this page. 

*Based on the combination of all DTC, Amazon sales data, and IRI data available beet powder products sold in 2021.