FREE 30 DAY SUPPLY of SuperGrapes with CoQ10
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Nearly 2x MORE Effective Blood Pressure Support than a Healthy Lifestyle Alone1

Free 30-day supply of SuperGrapes with CoQ10

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SuperGrapes 2-in-1 combination formula features a key ingredient to give you nearly 2x more effective blood pressure support than diet and exercise alone1 plus the added benefits of CoQ10.

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Benefits of daily use 

Healthy Blood Pressure Support 
Nearly 2x more effective blood pressure support than a healthy lifestyle alone from clinically studied grape seed extract.1 
Essential CoQ10 Support 
Cholesterol-lowering statins, age, and stress can cause a decline in CoQ10 levels, an antioxidant your body uses to generate 95% of the cellular energy your heart needs.  SuperGrapes helps replenish CoQ10. 
Boosts Energy 
SuperGrapes’ unique 2 in 1 formula gives you a boost of heart-healthy energy by supporting healthy blood flow and circulation, plus replenishes your CoQ10 levels to promote cellular energy. 
Promotes Healthy Circulation 
SuperGrapes helps increase Nitric Oxide production, which relaxes your blood vessels to promote blood flow and circulation. 
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See Clinical Trial Results
Nearly 2x MORE Effective Blood Pressure Support than Healthy Lifestyle Alone1 After a 3-month clinical trial, men and women experienced nearly 2 times more effective blood pressure support than a healthy lifestyle alone after taking 150mg of Grape Seed Extract – the same amount and ingredient in SuperGrapes.1
  • 150mg French Grape Seed Extract: Clinically researched Grape Seed Extract sourced from the famed Loire Valley in France.
  • 100mg Fermented CoQ10: Helps replenish cellular energy needed by your heart and supports vascular health.
  • 500mcg Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin): An excellent source of Vitamin B12. Our active form of Vitamin B12 helps deliver heart-healthy metabolic energy.
How to Use
  • Take two (2) soft chews daily, anytime during the day. Intended for adult consumption only.
  • Statin users: certain statins can reduce CoQ10 levels in the body. SuperGrapes® can help replenish this important nutrient
  • Delicious grape flavor
  • Individually wrapped
  • Consume at any time of day for best results. Individual results may vary.
Supplement Facts
SuperBeets Sport Supplement Facts

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Heart Chew

80,000+ 5-star ratings and reviews3

Real Success Stories
5 Star Rating
"SuperGrapes were a great addition to my heart-conscious regimen. Great taste and high-quality ingredients!  10/10 would recommend!" 
5 Star Rating
"I’ve been taking the SuperGrapes Chews for a few weeks and love them. First, they taste great! Second, they give me a nice energy boost (thanks B12!). I’m always impressed with the @livehumanproducts - add this one to my list!" 
5 Star Rating
"I have heard a lot about CoQ10’s health benefits and I’m excited to see the effects! So far I can say they taste great!" 
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SuperGrapes with CoQ10 Free Gift
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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of CoQ10 is in SuperGrapes, and why is it the best?

SuperGrapes contains ubiquinone, also known as ubidecarenone. When ubiquinone is consumed it is converted into ubiquinol when the body needs it. Any excess ubiquinol is ultimately converted back into ubiquinone until the body needs to convert it once again. However, more important than the form of CoQ10 is the fact that both forms are fat-soluble compounds, thus it is important to take CoQ10 with a meal or within a formula that includes solubility enhancers.

How does SuperGrapes differ from SuperBeets Heart Chews?

While both products feature clinically-researched grape seed extract, SuperGrapes provides additional heart health support with fermented CoQ10. Factors like age, stress, and cholesterol-lowering statins can all lead to a decline in your body’s CoQ10 levels, leaving you feeling fatigued. The bioactive form of Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) is also included to promote energy. SuperGrapes provides comprehensive heart health support in addition to triple action energy support (heart healthy energy from blood flow, cellular energy, and metabolic energy).

Are there beets in this product?

There is no beet root in SuperGrapes.

What benefits can I expect from taking SuperGrapes?

SuperGrapes provides support in crucial areas of heart health through increased Nitric Oxide production: blood pressure, blood flow, and circulation. Our soft chews are formulated with clinically studied Grape Seed Extract, nearly 2x more effective at supporting healthy blood pressure than diet and exercise alone.* SuperGrapes also provides additional heart health support with fermented CoQ10. The bioactive form of Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) is also included to promote energy.

When should I expect to see results?

We are all different, so individual results may vary. Some customers notice improvement within the first few weeks, and for others, it can take longer than that.

Can I use SuperGrapes if I am already using SuperBeets Heart Chews?

Yes – SuperGrapes can be used in conjunction with SuperBeets Heart Chews for more comprehensive heart health and energy support.

What measures do you take to ensure the quality of SuperGrapes?

We believe in developing purposeful supplements with the gold standard of human clinical studies. While many companies use commodity, conventional ingredients that lack traceability with evidence-based data and sufficient efficacy, we are committed to sourcing clinically studied ingredients at substantiated dosages and maintaining oversight of our ingredient’s quality & transparency through sourcing & supply chain. Our products are manufactured in GMP certified facilities and are third-party tested from raw ingredient sourcing to finished product.

Do I get the free bonus gifts with every subscription shipment?

YES! You get your free supply of SuperGrapes with every subscription shipment when you select the Buy 2 Get 1 Free or Buy 4 Get 2 Free packages above. Your free supply lasts for the life of your subscription, guaranteed.