How Neo40 Works

Neo40 is our proprietary, patented formula out of the University of Texas Health
Science Center’s Nitric Oxide Discovery Program.

Helps increase Nitric Oxide production through the eNOS (Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase) pathway

Which relaxes and dilates your blood vessels

Supporting circulation and blood flow

Which helps promote increased heart healthy energy and support healthy blood pressure levels

Clinically Researched Heart Health Support †

World-renowned cardiologist Dr. Ernst Schwarz led a research study on Neo40 to determine the effects of oral Nitric Oxide supplementation on blood pressure.

Using the gold standard in clinical research (a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled methodology), Dr. Schwarz’s early results after just 30 days of the study were astounding.

Subjects did not have hypertension and were not taking any medication for blood pressure. Individual results may vary.

The Neo40 Difference

Blood Pressure Support Supplement

What makes Neo40 different than other products on the market, including L-Arginine supplements, is that our patented formula represents a breakthrough in N-O delivery. In fact, studies suggest that if you’re over 40 or have compromised endothelial function, L-Arginine is unlikely to work for you. Here’s why:

L-Arginine-Based Supplements
By Age 40, Your eNOS Function May Be Compromised
Neo40’s Patented Formula
Best of All: Neo40 Supports the Enzyme That Makes Nitric Oxide

Real Success Stories.

"I wanted to be proactive with my heart health and this Neo40 supplement is perfect!"

- Precious S.

“Love this product! I've been taking Neo40 for about five months now. My nitric oxide levels have returned to optimal and I have more energy and stamina.”

- Patricia H.

"I feel younger and I’m looking younger with the nitric oxide benefits of Neo40! Seriously so easy to take, just melts in my mouth, no water, I keep them in my purse and take one every day.”

- Debbie M.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try it risk-free for 90 days and see how you feel. If you don't absolutely love it, you may return your product to us for a full refund of the purchase price, minus shipping and handling. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I notice new packaging. Is anything changing about the products?

No.  You will still get the same formula you know and trust. We’ve updated our packaging across our entire product range to make the shopping experience better for you. You may notice variations in packaging designs. However, please be assured that the product remains unchanged, delivering the same quality and reliability you've come to expect and trust.

When will I start to receive new packaging?

You will start to see new packaging as soon as April.  Our goal is to have most of our products in new packaging by the end of 2024. 

What's in Neo40's proprietary Nitric Oxide Blend?

Neo40 contains three primary ingredients:

- Beetroot Powder and Hawthorn Berry Extract: This combination provides two of the best building blocks your body needs to boost nitric oxide production.
- L-Citrulline: A rare amino acid that is essential to helping support nitric oxide production, particularly as you get older.
- Sodium Nitrite: Recent studies have shown that sodium nitrite is an important storage form and source of nitric oxide in the body and is a highly efficient form of delivery to support nitric oxide production.

How many come in the package?

Each Neo40 box contains a one-month supply, or thirty tabs.

What's the best way to take this product?

Take one tab daily and allow it to dissolve on your tongue. Do not swallow the tab whole or place under your tongue.

Can this product be taken twice per day?

Yes, you can take two Neo40 tabs daily during your first 30-45 days (aka the restoration loading phase). After 30-45 days, take only one tab daily. Never take more than two tabs in a 24-hour period.

Can this be combined with other HumanN products?

Yes, you can combine this with other HumanN products, but we don’t recommend taking more than 2 total servings in a day. And as always, speak with your physician if you have medical concerns.

Should I take one or two Neo40 tablets per day?

Because everyone’s body chemistry is different, we recommend that you monitor your Nitric Oxide levels frequently in the beginning with Nitric Oxide Indicator Strips™, the first saliva indicator strip that measures your body’s ability to produce Nitric Oxide. During the 30-45day restoration phase, you may take two tablets a day. After 30-45 days, take only one tablet daily. 

Customer Reviews

* This information is based on these healthcare practitionersuse of Neo40 in their practices. Clinical studieson Neo40 suggest it may help support healthy NO levels, blood pressure, and exercise endurance.