The First Time Hunter Kemper Tried BeetElite

Hunter Kemper was always looking for an edge. As a 4-time U.S. Olympian in the sport of Triathlon, every second counted. And what he put in his body to fuel his performance mattered.

Watch his video to hear more about the first time he tried BeetElite.

Video Transcript:

I’m Hunter Kemper.

I’m a 4-time Olympian in the sport of Triathlon.

So I just competed in the London Olympics in 2012 and I’m coming home and I see this article about about beet juice in the olympics…about how athletes are taking, how marathoners are drinking like liters of beet juice in order to improve performance.

So then I call up my friend Dr. Ivy, Dr. John Ivy. I call him up…he’s one of the foremost doctors in all of sports nutrition, sports timing and nutrition timing…and then I realized he was working with a company called HumanN and I was like, this is awesome.

I talked with him about it and he’s talking about the product, he’s like “let me send you some samples. We got this product called BeetElite!

So I was like, oh let me take it. So I take the product, he gives it to me. And I go and do my own testing in the pool, kind of like 100 repeats, day after day.

My first set, my first day on a Monday, my times are about a second to two seconds faster per 100. Well, I was like, maybe it’s a good day.

Second day I come back, a second or 2 seconds faster per 1o0.

On Wednesday, my coach is like “Man, you’re really having a great week. Like you’re really going well in the pool, what’s going on?”

And I was like, listen I don’t know what’s going on but I’ve been taking this BeetElite and it really seems to be helping me out.

And that’s the only thing that I changed in my training, in my diet, whatever it was, it was the only thing I changed.

It was noticeable how I felt during the workout. It was clearly noticeable to me. And I absolutely fell in love, fell in love with the product. I mean, I couldn’t believe it!

And for me, as an athlete, who’s taken a lot of products…there’s not many products out there where you can actually see a correlation between taking the product and then the deliverable on the race course or in the practice.

It was great! Absolutely fell in love with the product, fell in love with the company, and here we are.

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