Internet Reseller Policy 


Effective Date: 06.28.2022  

Introduction and Rationale  

The Human Power of N Company Internet Reseller Policy governs the internet resale of Products from HumanN® (“HumanN”). For clarity, this Policy does not apply to “brick and mortar” resellers, medical practices offering HumanN Products, private labelers, or distribution entities (i.e., entities that sell to non-internet re-sellers). This policy is provided to all new and existing internet resellers of HumanN products, programs and apparel as a privilege and benefit of being, among other things, a valued customer of HumanN.  


HumanN believes the guidance of a qualified and approved reseller is essential to maintain high quality standards, maximize the effectiveness of our products and to encourage the commitment and investment of our partners in the brand. Internet Resellers must be authorized by HumanN.  To apply for authorized internet reseller status, visit the HumanN Web Site at:


HumanN reserves the right in its sole judgment to deny any application.  


This policy can be amended at any time. Such amendments will be communicated via mail and/or email to all involved parties.  


Policies and Restrictions  

  1. Copyright and Trademark: The philosophy and integrity of the HumanN brand must always be protected. Content displayed on the HumanN website, in brochures, advertisements, product packaging, product information sheets, labels and other marketing materials are copyrighted and trademarked. All content appearing on or associated with all privately labeled products may also be subject to copyright ownership by HumanN. 
  2. Brand Representation: The unauthorized use of copyrights, trademarks, logos, manufacturing images, product images, copy or other HumanN information on the internet without expressed consent is prohibited. All photos, images, and product and/ or company description content pertaining to or describing HumanN must be current and obtained from HumanN directly. This information cannot be extracted from the HumanN Web Site or other internet sources, unless specifically directed/approved in writing by HumanN.  

Other Internet Policies 

    1. Resellers are not authorized to resell HumanN products on third-party e-commerce sites including, but not limited to, Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Target, among others. Resellers are not allowed to create listing or detail pages on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, or any other third-party e-commerce site(s) that infringe HumanN intellectual property rights. The only website you are authorized to merchandise and sell HumanN products on, without preauthorization, is your own, singularly unique website.  
    2. The reseller is not allowed to pursue Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, or any other paid venues for advertising term searches of any kind. 
    3. The internet reseller is not a distributor. You are prohibited from selling to those who in turn resell. The Internet Reseller Program envisions your purchase of HumanN Product and the resale of those products on a single and unique website under your dominion.  
    4. The reseller will be immediately terminated as an authorized reseller of HumanN products if any violations of the Internet Policy occur.  
    5. All individuals or companies intending to resell HumanN products through the internet agree to disclose all ownership or association of any kind with other affiliated websites of any type. HumanN must be notified of the existence of any reseller’s website or online storefront, URL changes to them, launches of them, and/or storefront name changes prior to implementation. Resellers must disclose whether they currently sell or intend to sell on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, or any other third-party e-commerce site(s).  
    6. Products are for distribution in the United States only. Due to international food and supplement regulations and policies governing such products, and to protect the integrity and rights of our international distributors, products cannot be shipped internationally.  
    7. The reseller is solely responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations where it advertises or sells HumanN products.  
    8. When advertising or reselling HumanN products, authorized resellers must abide by the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy, as outlined herein.  


Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)Policy 

  • The Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy applies to all partners including those that own, operate, or manage websites. The MAP policy applies to all printed, electronic, audio and video advertisements of HumanN products including but not limited to broadcasts, catalogs, brochures, websites, email solicitations, exclusive offers, newsletters and electronic coupons or coupon codes. 
  • Resellers agree to assume all liability and responsibility for the resale of products through the Internet. 
  • Through the purchase of HumanN products, internet resellers agree not to advertise through any tangible media including but not limited to mass communication, any product whose price represents more than a 5% discount from the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) for each respective product as listed on the HumanN product list in effect at the time of the advertising. This policy prohibits the advertising of any volume discount or other promotion that would cause the per unit sales price to be advertised at less than 95% of the SRP. Similarly, any language referring to or speaking of inferred discounts that a customer may receive through a website is prohibited.  
  • MAP provisions address advertising. They do not establish the resellers’ actual resale price. Resellers are free to set the actual resale price as they deem appropriate. 
  •  ALL HumanN Products, Services and Apparel must checkout at or above MAP price (typically the page at which the end user finally purchases the product). Print collateral and Internet sites may not display a price lower than MAP for any HumanN Product. MAP price is always calculated to be greater than or equal to 95% of the current SRP. ( >/= (.95)(Current SRP)).  


Absolute adherence to the terms and conditions outlined in this policy is required for active account status. If a customer fails to comply with the terms herein, HumanN may notify them via phone, email, or standard mail of the violation and if warranted, immediately place the customer’s direct and reseller account(s) (if applicable) on hold until the customer has come into compliance. HumanN will report any non-compliance and infringement to third-party e-commerce representatives which may lead to storefront closure.  

Failure to comply with the MAP policy described above may result in temporary or permanent revocation of the customer’s wholesale purchasing privileges, including suspension or termination of the account. HumanN reserves the right to revoke the customer’s wholesale price purchasing privileges and/or terminate the account of any customer. Violation of any such terms automatically forfeits the account holder’s ability to sell products in any capacity.