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HumanN Donates $289,000 of Products To Healthcare and Essential Workers

HumanN launches "We Are All HumanN" to give healthcare and essential workers access to healthy, energy-enhancing products for free

Last edited: October 5, 2020

AUSTIN, TX – HumanN, an Austin-based functional food and supplement company, has launched “We Are All HumanN”, donating $289,000 worth of SuperBeets, SuperBeets Energy Plus, SuperBeets Chews, SuperGrapes Chews and Neo40 products to healthcare workers and those on the frontlines fighting COVID-19 around the country as a thank you for all the hard work they are doing. The supplements are being donated to help support overall energy levels of these heroes.

Hospital workers holding SuperBeets products donated from HumanN

HumanN has sent and pledged products to nurses, physicians, and emergency responders in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas, and in other states including California, Virginia, and South Carolina.

HumanN has donated products to SuperBeets manufacturing lines to help support overall energy levels. HumanN also recognizes the critical importance of truckers who have been helping deliver goods around the country during the pandemic. The company has sent products to Villari Brothers Trucking Company in North Carolina, to support their truck drivers who deliver proteins to grocery stores and food service operators up and down the east coast and throughout Texas.

HumanN has set up an online platform for healthcare workers to visit and request products to be sent to their offices. HumanN encourages healthcare workers around the country to visit and request products for your teams.


Hospital workers holding donated products from HumanN
AnnMarie and Joel Kocher, HumanN President and CEO, released a joint statement: “As many are advised to stay home during this pandemic, there are still so many who are out on the front lines, risking health and safety for the good of others. At HumanN, we believe we exist to help human beings do great things and the greatest thing we can do right now is help those who are helping others. From the healthcare workers on the frontlines being exposed to this terrible virus daily to those on our own manufacturing line leaving their houses each day to keep our customers supplied with their orders, and to the truck drivers who are keeping America running during this pandemic, we thank and salute you. We believe firmly in the benefits of our scientifically-backed products, and we hope that these will help power your days and nights as you continue to do the essential work this country is depending upon.”

Dr. John Ivy, Renowned Physiologist, Chairman of HumanN Science Advisory Board, and Chair Emeritus of the University of Texas Department of Kinesiology and Health Education, said: “At HumanN, we have long been touting the benefits of Nitric Oxide. We are pleased to be able to offer these products to others on the frontlines of Covid-19 and look forward to sharing these products we believe in with others who they may help.”

Human has the exclusive Nitric Oxide license through the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, was the recipient of the 2017 Nutrition Business Journal Award for Science, and has been named to the Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growth Companies in America list for five consecutive years.

EMT worker holding Neo40 products donated from HumanN
Hospital workers with donated SuperBeets products from HumanN
EMT worker holding donated Neo40 products from HumanN

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HumanN is a groundbreaking supplement company founded on the science behind Nitric Oxide and its ability to support a healthy cardiovascular system, and is backed by our Science Advisory Board of scientists and physicians. We are innovators, bringing scientific advancements out of the labs and into homes around the world in the form of supplements and functional foods. A healthy cardiovascular system is critical to a healthy life and we believe our products, which promote cardiovascular health by assisting the body in Nitric Oxide production, could have a profound impact on human health. Our product line includes SuperBeets, BeetElite, Neo40, HeartGreens, Advanced Immune Support, and the newly-launched SuperGrapes. Learn more at