Elevating Cardiovascular Health through Functional Nutrition - The Humann Story

A fascination with nutrition science and the pivotal role that food plays in shaping health forms the foundation upon which Joel and AnnMarie Kocher co-founded Humann a groundbreaking functional food and nutritional supplements company.  

For over a decade, our team has dedicated itself to promoting healthy circulatory and cardiovascular function, collaborating with leading scientists to harness the power of superfoods like non-GMO beets and Grape Seed Extract to enhance cardiovascular health. This approach offers a unique way to support healthy blood flow, rooted in nature and backed by science.  

Our innovative SuperBeets product line focuses on enhancing vascular health by supporting the body's ability to produce nitric oxide, a crucial molecule for blood vessel health.  SuperBeets includes a range of products designed to promote healthy blood flow and circulation such as SuperBeets Powders and SuperBeets Heart Chews.  It is recognized as the #1 doctor, pharmacist, and cardiologist recommended beet brand for heart health support1 according to a leading independent survey conducted by IQVIA ProVoice Survey this year. 

"Our science team consists of some of the most gifted minds in the entire nutrition industry in the fields of cardiovascular health, neurosciences, sports, kinesiology, and more." says Joel Kocher.  

Our dedication to clinical data underpins the development of products designed to enhance quality of life and empower individuals in their pursuits. In a clinical study, the key ingredient in SuperBeets Heart Chews, Grape Seed Extract, was shown to be nearly 2x more effective at supporting healthy blood pressure than diet and exercise alone.2  

"We’re committed to blending nature with science,” says Humann co-founder and President, AnnMarie Kocher. “We use real food, not herbs or additives that you can’t pronounce. And we set out to make sure every single one of our products has the highest concentration and quality."  

Selecting clinically researched key ingredients is crucial for functional nutrition products. Our commitment to quality is reflected in its 72k+ 5-star Amazon ratings and reviews3, demonstrating the positive impact on lives.  

Humann remains on the forefront of functional nutrition, continuing to innovate with more new products on the horizon.  

“We intuitively understood the link behind great nutrition and performance,” says Joel. “We're proud that we weren't innovator and a leader and able to bring that knowledge to people to help them live.”



1. According to IQVIA ProVoice Survey 2023. 

2. In a 16-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled study involving 119 men and women, Heart Chews’ polyphenol compound, taken as part of a lifestyle that includes diet and exercise, was clinically shown to be nearly 2-times as effective at helping to support blood pressure than diet and exercise alone. 

3. Based on Amazon 5-star ratings and reviews as of September 2023 for SuperBeets Heart Chews, Powder, Collagen, Energy Plus, Circulation Gummies, Energy Gummies, Beet Root Capsules, & Sport. Average star rating of 4.3.