Healthy HumanN Series: Monica Brant

Closing out our Healthy HumanN series for Women’s Health Month, we’re highlighting our incredible female athlete, Monica Brant. As a Fitness Olympia Champion, Monica knows the ins and outs of the health and wellness world.

Q: At what age did you start getting serious about health and wellness?

A: I have been an athlete my entire life and have always been serious about my competitions. At age 7, I started competing in equestrian events and water skiing with a successful try-out for the SeaWorld Ski Team. Starting in 6th grade, I participated in track, volleyball and cross country. By age 20, I was learning about fitness competitions and competed in my very 1st event the same year which intrigued me enough to continue competing internationally in a variety of physique shows for 26 years. My last big win was in Birmingham, UK, one week prior to my 46th birthday!

Monica Brant lifting a tire

Q: What is one thing you wish you knew about women’s health when you were younger?

A: When I was younger, I would have appreciated understanding the benefits of ‘fasting’ and a ‘Keto’ type lifestyle, which I’ve currently implemented into my day to day. With these changes, I have enjoyed many benefits from controlled hunger and the hormonal effects of food.

Monica Brant wearing a BeetElite shirt

Q: What does health mean to you?

A: Health to me is extremely important. A strengthened spirit, body, mind and soul are vital to existence. Striving daily to maintain ‘exceptional health’ in all areas of life allows for a better quality of life! Exceptional health brings radiance to one’s life. A life that is radiant is glowing with vitality, extra energy, boosted mood, creativity, enthusiasm for life and dare I say, hope for the future! On the contrary, bad health can zap all energy, enthusiasm, and vitality, and create depression and disease.

Monica Brant in a group workout on a track field

Q: What areas of your health are you focusing on right now?

A: At the present time, I am focusing on building strength with a ‘bodyweight only’ exercise program that includes postural and corrective exercises as well as glute activation and overall body conditioning.

I am hosting these sessions online, LIVE, for clients and fans to join me 2x/week where I coach and actually go through the session while coaching. I pair these sessions with 2-3 weighted and sprint sessions.

Nutritionally, I have been implementing a fasting window 4-5 days a week. Of course, without fail, every morning prior to any other supplement or nutritional product, I take Neo40. And later in the day, for an afternoon boost, I enjoy SuperBeets. If I am focusing on a sprint or distance run coupled with weights, I will use a serving of BeetElite. Yum!

Monica Brant stretching in her living room