In Memoriam: Dr. Ferid Murad 1936 - 2023

Dr. Ferid Murad, MD, PhD, Nobel Laureate, Partner, Friend, and Science Advisory Board member at Humann was one of the most gifted minds in the scientific community. We are honored to celebrate the memory of Dr. Murad and are committed to continue to herald his science and his discoveries in the field of Nitric Oxide and cardiovascular health that has impacted millions of people.

Dr. Murad was a Doctor of Medicine and Pharmacology, graduating from the M.D./Ph.D. program at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. He worked at many prestigious institutions including, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, the National Institutes of Health, the University of Virginia and Stanford University.

After spending several years in the private sector, he returned to the lab at the University of Texas (UT) Medical School in Houston. It was during his time at UT when he was part of the team that won a Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of Nitric Oxide’s physiological effects and mechanism of action in the human body. His research in the field of Nitric Oxide inspired the foundation of Humann, and he officially joined Humann‘s Scientific Advisory Board in 2020.

It is because of his life’s work and purpose that Humann is able to bring awareness to and share the benefits of nitric oxide in human health.

“In 2019, he came to visit us here in Austin. We hit it off right away,” said Joel Kocher, CEO and Co-Founder of Humann. “It was because we shared the same mission in life - to share the scientific importance of Nitric Oxide and the desire to impact as many lives as possible.”

“It is rare to have someone of Dr. Murad’s background partner with and endorse a company focused on supplements,” said AnnMarie Kocher, President and Co-Founder of Humann. “But Dr. Murad was a committed researcher, astounded at the scope of possibilities to bring the benefits of Nitric Oxide to the world. He saw our shared commitment to science and our purpose. And that we could help bring his scientific discovery to the masses around the world with Nitric Oxide products that work. It truly was a unique and special partnership. We are forever grateful for it.”

Dr. Murad was a gifted individual and as a company we embrace the responsibility to keep his legacy of his pioneering research alive. We stand on the shoulders of giants, the giant of Nitric Oxide, Dr. Ferid Murad, and are committed to continue his mission to bring nitric oxide solutions to the world.

“Many of the Humann Science Advisory Board members have research that directly benefited from Dr. Murad’s discovery and work in the cardiovascular field,” said Dr. John Ivy, PhD and President of the Science Advisory Board at Humann. “It will be an honor to continue to promote his work and watch his discovery help improve lives through Humann’s continued research and commitment to science-based products.”

At Humann, science is at the heart of what we do. We started this company with one mission in mind – to change lives through better blood flow and cardiovascular health. We’ve had the privilege to not only learn and grow alongside some of the brightest minds in the field, but to also call them friends.