Lauren Ho’s Road to the 2017 Crossfit Regionals

The 2017 CrossFit Open was amazing. Every year this 5-week competition brings the highest highs and lowest lows, but I wanted to share my 2 biggest takeaways!

Lauren Ho Crossfit Champion

(Credit: Boysie Koyga)

Celebrate the Wins — Big or Small:

In a sport where you don’t know the workouts ahead of time — whether they’ll play to your favor or if they’ll expose your weaknesses or prompt your doubts — celebrate the small wins and the huge breakthroughs. Also celebrate the wins of your training partners, the members of your box, the larger CrossFit community that you belong to… everyone!

Finish Each Open Week Without Doubts

This starts with the training you do throughout the year. CrossFit is a tough sport! Recognize when things are going well. Are you healthy, training consistently, and on an upward trajectory overall? When movements click and PRs happen, things are going well. But, things may not have always being on the upswing, so don’t allow yourself to look back and reminisce on the “good times” when you’re in a slump or injured. Take advantage of every training opportunity. When things don’t go as planned, remember that you showed up, which truly might be the toughest part for some.

A five-week competition is so tough. It comes around the corner at every point in the year. When it finally arrives, now you’re finally put to the test. On week one, you become obsessed with that first event. You’re all about it — 100%. What’s the best strategy? Should I attempt it again? Then you do that four more times over the duration of an entire month!

Regardless of whatever’s happening in your head, leave it all on the line each week. Do not let yourself look back and doubt your efforts. Perhaps you’ll find a weakness here or there that you have to work on when the open is over. But, that’s great and it’s expected!

Don’t doubt the effort that you gave on the competition floor.

Lauren Ho breaks down why BeetElite is her go-to pre-WOD choice!

“I tried BeetElite a few years ago and it was obvious why I was hitting PRs on my typical interval training runs and benchmark CrossFit workouts. I wasn’t doing anything different except adding in a little shot of BeetElite before training. I tried it initially because other top OCR athletes were not only using BeetElite but they were reaping the benefits of it, and I had to try it out. There were (and always will be) novel supplements out there, but BeetElite is clearly the real deal. It’s so easy to have a packet or two in your bag. It just takes a nominal amount of water, and it’s ready to go… and so are you!”

Lauren Ho will be competing in the 2017 Crossfit California Regionals representing Crossfit Alaka’i in Del Mar May 26-28!