Michael’s Neo40 Story: Before & After with Nitric Oxide Indicator Strips

Why did we create our Nitric Oxide Indicator Strips? So we could show customers like Michael that our products, like Neo40, work. Neo40 works because of our patented Nitric Oxide technology through The University of Texas Health Science Center.

It’s essential to know your nitric oxide levels because it is critical in our bodies to help support cardiovascular health, healthy blood pressure levels, energy and more. Without it, we can’t live. And how old you are, what you eat and how often you exercise can all impact your nitric oxide levels.

Watch this video to see Michael’s experience using our Nitric Oxide Indicator Strips and Neo40.

Video Transcript:

Here we go. Let’s get a test.

Dang, look at that! Look at that, right where I want to be.

This is called Neo40. Neo40 is designed to give you a nitric oxide boost…to increase blood circulation, to increase artery dilation, really get that blood pumping and that blood flowing.

It comes with this, you’ll see this right here. It’s an indicator strip, it’s going to give you a little measurement to see where you’re at with regards to your nitric oxide levels.

Really easy to use small little indicator strips. There’s a pad and you just basically want to get a little saliva on there.

Right now, you can see I’m in light pink area. So I’m low.

What I’m going to do now is I’m going to take the little Neo40 tablet. It comes in these little packs here..super sweet reminds me of like a sweetart® when you’re a kid.

It’s got some beetroot powder, some vitamin B12 in there, really really good and basically just going to pop that little tablet. Then I’m going to give you another measurement in about a half an hour.

So we have those indicators trips that I showed you earlier. As you can see, plain white to start. Our goal is to get it into that “dahk” pink zone as we would say in Boston. So hopefully will be much darker. Here we go. Let’s get a test.

As you can see right here on the back, that dark zone…optimal, that’s where we want to be. So let’s check it out.

Dang, look at that. Look at that. Right where I want to be heading into my workout…getting that blood circulation flowing, getting that nitric oxide level up. I’m super excited to go crush my workout today, thankful to have Neo40 supporting this workout.

Have a great day my friends! Wake up early and get burly.

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