The First Time Amelia Boone Tried BeetElite

For Amelia, a full-time attorney who also happens to be an ultra-runner and obstacle course racing world champion, anything that helps make life a little easier is a welcome addition to her routine.

Watch her video to hear more about the first time she tried BeetElite before a run.

Video Transcript:

My name is Amelia Boone.

I’m 35 years old and I am an attorney. And then I also have this side gig of running really stupidly long races.

So I run generally when I’m in peak training I run about 60 to 70 miles a week and it’s all on trail, but I do a lot of vertical. So I’m always running up a mountain or down a mountain. So it takes a bit longer.

I remember reading articles back when I started competing which is back like in 2011-2012, that recommended beet juice for cyclists and endurance athletes.

And then I also realized like reading it was like you have to drink three gallons of beet juice to get any benefit and I was like, “oh, there’s no way I’m drinking three gallons of beet juice.”

Before I took BeetElite, I used to like take straight up like hardcore pre workouts…like heavily caffeinated…beta alanine face-falling off type of pre-workouts. And I just…now I look at them, like how did I…you know…it was like a sensory overload all the time.

But like the BeetElite to me was like a different…it was just like things felt easier…like breathing felt easier, you know, like there was just like a little bit…but it felt natural versus stimulant forced. And I think after that I was like, all right, I can get on board with this.

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