Why is the berberine in SuperBerine at a lower dosage than other competitive products on the market?

One of the unique and highly functional aspects of the clinically studied berberine in SuperBerine is derived from one of berberine’s main limitations: bioavailability. Standard berberine found in most conventional berberine capsules in the market are characterized by poor oral bioavailability and low intestinal absorption regardless of the dosage in the product. Poor bioavailability results in little to no  functional benefits to the consumer.  

SuperBerine  helps answer this problem by using a next-generation berberine phytosome delivery system. This unique phytosome technology is clinically-studied to support increased absorption in the body by nearly 10x compared to conventional berberine. This enhanced absorbability allows for a higher potency at a lower dose compared to conventional berberine products. As a result, SuperBerine features a clinically-studied, 550mg of berberine phytosome in a small, easy-to-swallow capsule.