#1 Sports Registered Dietitian Recommended Beet Brand for endurance2
SuperBeets Heart Chews

Your 3-in-1 Workout Champion

  • Endurance: Clinically shown to increase endurance up to 18%
  • Hydration: Organic coconut water powder to replenish electrolytes
  • Heart-Healthy Energy: Caffeine and stimulant free Nitric Oxide boost
90-day satisfaction guarantee
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Trusted by 120+ pro & college teams

Fueled 30+ championship teams · NSF Certified for Sport

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America’s #1 Beet Brand3

Trusted & Loved By Pro Athletes

“The difference I felt in my workouts was clearly noticeable. I fell in love with the product, and it has become part of my daily routine. There aren’t many products out there where you can actually feel the immediate benefits during training sessions and on the racecourse.”
- Hunter Kemper, four-time Olympian in the sport of Triathlon.
Increase Endurance & Stamina Up To 18%

What if you could push harder, go longer, AND recover faster? Cyclists using the beet root powder formula in SuperBeets® Sport were shown to:

  • Recover faster between HIIT
  • Complete an extra interval
  • Cycle 2.6 more km
  • Workout up to 18% longer

Randomized, double-blind clinical study.1
  • Beet Root Powder: Powers increased Nitric Oxide production which supports healthy circulation, stamina, and energy levels. Premium, 100% non-GMO, grown in the USA .
  • Organic Coconut Water Powder: Replenishes electrolytes to help keep you hydrated. No added sugars.
  • Mix one serving with 4-6 oz of water.
  • Take 30 minutes pre-workout for best results.
SuperBeets Sport Supplement Facts

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Memory and Focus Chews Supplement Facts
Memory and Focus CAPSULES Supplement Facts

Benefits of daily use

Get More From Your Workout
• More Energy
• More Endurance
• More Muscle Pumps
• More Hydration
Trusted & Dual Certified
Nitric Oxide Boost
• Unique superfood formula 
• Proprietary & standardized ratio
• Helps activate more
• Nitric Oxide than conventional beet juice
• Clinically-shown to improve performance 
Trusted & Dual Certified
Stim-Free Energy + Hydration
• Caffeine-free pre-workout powder 
• Creatine & stimulant free 
• Helps replenish electrolytes
• Non-GMO & plant-based 

Better Your Best

The Science Behind Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide is a critical molecule for cardiovascular health. It helps support blood flow in the body which helps promote:

  • Increased performance, energy + stamina
  • Exteneded exercise endurance
  • Oxygen efficiency
  • Muscle pumps
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Real people, real results

"The biggest difference between SuperBeets Sport and other supplements is that I felt crisp, and on top of that I saw the results in my performance."

- Miguel Medina, 100 Mile Runner

"SuperBeets Sport allows me to work out longer and harder, and recover faster."

- Lindsay Webster, World Champion, OCR

"It's the endurance and hydration boost I want to get the performance edge I need - whether I'm training in the mountains or competing on the course."

- Ryan Atkins, World Champion, OCR

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SuperBeets® Sport good for?

SuperBeets®Sport is a great way to help you gain increased endurance for your next serious competitive workout or for just more casual exercise activity such as a long walk or a round of golf. It is formulated to support all levels of exercise activity and performance—from a morning run to elite competitions. SuperBeets® Sport is a plant-based, clinically studied formulation that combines the highest quality beet crystals and organic coconut water to help support:

  • Increased performance, stamina, and athletic performance
  • Hydration & electrolyte replenishment
  • Increased Nitric Oxide production
  • Extended exercise endurance
  • Healthy blood flow and circulation
  • Oxygen efficiency

Is SuperBeets® Sport the same as BeetElite®?

BeetElite® is now SuperBeets® Sport, but even better than before. SuperBeets® Sport is the same trusted formula as BeetElite®, but with an added hydration benefit from organic coconut water powder that promotes hydration & electrolyte replenishment. It is also now NSF Certified for sport.

Is SuperBeets® Sport the same as SuperBeets® Powder?

No. SuperBeets® Powder is suggested for use daily to help support healthy blood pressure and energy. SuperBeets® Sport is a heart-healthy pre-workout to take before exercise to help support increased endurance, stamina, and hydration. It is formulated to support all levels of exercise activity and performance—from a morning run to elite competitions.

Is there caffeine in SuperBeets® Sport?

No. There is no caffeine or synthetic stimulants in SuperBeets ® Sport.

My urine and other waste look pinkish after using SuperBeets® Sport - is this normal?

Yes, this is perfectly normal. This occurrence is known as beeturia, the passage of pink or red urine after the ingestion of beetroot. The observed color is due to the presence of a beetroot pigment, betacyanin, in the urine. Beeturia typically occurs in 10-14% of the population.

What can I expect to feel when taking SuperBeets® Sport?

Many people report feeling an improvement in endurance and stamina while exercising. In a published clinical study on our beetroot formulation it was shown that participants could recover faster between the high intensity intervals (HIIT), which allowed them to work up to 18% longer, for an increase in reps and improved all-around performance.* Individual results may vary.

Is SuperBeets® Sport safe to use for competitions?

Yes. Professional, collegiate, and Olympic athletes across the globe use SuperBeets® Sport. SuperBeets® Sport is one of the few products in the market that is dual-certified safe for sport. Each batch is both NSF Certified for Sport and Informed Sport certified – the gold standards in sports nutrition banned substance certifications. Every batch is screened for more than 220 banned substances as outlined by the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA).

  • Increased performance, stamina, and athletic performance
  • Hydration & electrolyte replenishment
  • Increased Nitric Oxide production
  • Extended exercise endurance
  • Healthy blood flow and circulation
  • Oxygen efficiency
  • What’s the best way to take SuperBeets® Sport?

    SuperBeets® Sport can be taken any time of day. Just one serving mixed with 4-6 oz of water 20-30 minutes before exercise. SuperBeets® Sport is best if consumed within 15 minutes of mixing.