Jon’s Story: Before & After with Nitric Oxide Indicator Strips

Nitric Oxide is an essential molecule that most people over age 40 no longer produce enough of. Heart & vascular health tends to decline with age from Nitric Oxide deficiency. That’s why we developed Neo40. It is a clinically researched Nitric Oxide tablet that helps increase the production of Nitric Oxide in the body and helps support: healthy blood circulation, Artery vasodilation for healthy blood flow, and healthy blood pressure already in the normal range.

Watch this video to see Jon’s experience using our Nitric Oxide Indicator Strips and Neo40.

Video Transcript:
What? I gotta show you this, look at this! Before, after. Optimal nitric oxide levels! It goes to work fast! That’s incredible! Look at this, before and after! Okay, so here’s what just arrived that I was so excited for. I found this product online called Neo40.

It is a nitric oxide tablet that supposedly helps with things like heart and circulation and healthy blood pressure levels, and the part that I was the most excited for was it actually came with these nitric oxide indicator strips.

So, these supposedly will show you that it’s working to help improve nitric oxide levels if you try them before and after taking one of these. Okay, so I’m at work, I just decided to test my nitric oxide levels to see where they are at and if you can tell I’m pretty depleted on the low end of nitric oxide levels right now. I haven’t tried the product yet, just did my first test, so I’m going to try the product next. Okay, here we go, down the hatch.

Okay, it’s been 30 minutes, I took my first one. I’m gonna test myself real quick with these Nitric Oxide strips.

What? Optimal nitric oxide levels! It goes to work fast! That’s incredible! Look at this! Before and after!