What's Inside Counts

  • Coffee Fruit Extract

    Coffee Fruit Extract

    Clinically studied, decaffeinated Coffee Fruit Extract promotes healthy BDNF levels – akey neuroprotein important to memory and learning.

  • Clinically Studied Resveratrol

    Clinically Studied Resveratrol

    Fermented Veri-te™ Resveratrol to promote brain blood flow.

  • Non-GMO Beet Root Powder

    Non-GMO Beet Root Powder

    100% non-GMO beets grown in the USA

How It Works

More Cerebral Blood Flow Support. More Memory Support. Memory and Focus contain unique antioxidant compounds clinically studied to promote brain blood flow as well as support BDNF, a key neuroprotein essential to memory & focus.

Blood flow to the brain is critical to promoting overall brain health

Cerebral blood flow helps deliver oxygen, glucose, and other key nutrients to the brain

As a result, healthy blood flow to the brain is essential for cognitive function as we age

It’s Never Too Early To Start Supporting Your Brain Health

Scientific research has shown that Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) is a key neuroprotein that powers essential tasks like memory, learning and higher thinking. This can impact important functions such as memory and overall cognitive performance.* The clinically studied ingredients in Memory + Focus help promote healthy blood flow to your brain, while supporting healthy BDNF levels.

"The brain blood flow effects of the novel Resveratrol used in the clinical study, have significant implications for the aging population."


Associate Professor, School of Medicine and Public Health | The University of Newcastle

The Only Cognitive Chew or Capsule to Combine These Two Unique Ingredients

Unlike other brain health supplements, Memory & Focus combine a clinically studied, fermented Resveratrol with a patented decaffeinated Coffee Fruit Extract to support cerebral blood flow and in turn help support your memory, alertness and focus.

Patented Coffee Fruit Extract 
Clinically Studied, Fermented Resveratrol 
Supports 5 Brain Benefits 
Decaffeinated Focus


I use Memory & Focus. They work.

Whether you’re working long hours, studying for a degree, or just looking to support your memory, these are such a simple way of doing more to support your brain health. That’s why I recommend them.”†

Marcella Madera, MD | Neurosurgeon

Real Success Stories

“Memory + Focus Chews help me stay alert & focused when I am training hard & they are delicious!

- Ann M.

“Who doesn’t love one-stop shopping? Memory Chews make it so easy to get the peak cognitive and healthy goodness my brain needs daily and they’re delicious!

- Dina G.

“As a competitive athlete, my day-to- day life demands a lot from me and these Memory & Focus chews are a convenient way for me to get the brain-nourishing benefits I need in a delicious little treat!

- Sarah R.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try it risk-free for 90 days and see how you feel. If you don't absolutely love it, you may return your product to us for a full refund of the purchase price, minus shipping and handling. . No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I notice new packaging. Is anything changing about the products?

No.  You will still get the same formula you know and trust. We’ve updated our packaging across our entire product range to make the shopping experience better for you. You may notice variations in packaging designs. However, please be assured that the product remains unchanged, delivering the same quality and reliability you've come to expect and trust.

When will I start to receive new packaging?

You will start to see new packaging as soon as April.  Our goal is to have most of our products in new packaging by the end of 2024. 

Do Memory + Focus Chews contain caffeine?

Memory + Focus Chews are decaffeinated.

There is a trace amount of 2mg of naturally occurring caffeine per serving from the ingredient, Coffee Fruit Extract. This is considered within the threshold of decaffeinated


A typical cup of coffee contains 80mg-90mg  of caffeine.


Is there beetroot powder in Memory + Focus Chews?

Yes, there is 300mg of non-GMO beetroot powder per serving in Memory + Focus Chews. If you want the heart health benefits from beets, we recommend pairing with SuperBeets Heart Chews or SuperBeets Powder. Of course, we recommend consulting with your doctor.

Do Memory + Focus Chews actually work?

Memory + Focus Chews contain 2 clinically-studied ingredients: organic Coffee Fruit Extract & Fermented Resveratrol.

Coffee Fruit Extract is clinically researched to promote healthy levels of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). BDNF is a key neuroprotein in overall brain health that naturally declines with age and is vital in helping support your memory, higher thinking, learning, and mental clarity.

Clinical research also shows that consumption of 100mg of the novel coffee fruit extract helps supports mental alertness by reducing the perceptions of increased fatigue and decreased alertness during cognitive tasks. The Coffee Fruit Extract used is non-GMO and decaffeinated.

Fermented Resveratrol is clinically researched to promote blood flow to the brain and support overall cognitive health, including memory and recall. The fermented resveratrol used is made from an innovative fermentation process that yields 98% trans-resveratrol and free of any impurities or contaminants. 

Do Memory + Focus Chews provide the same heart health benefits as SuperBeets Heart Chews, plus brain health benefits? Can I take them together?

No, in fact they are complementary products that many people love to take together, as they provide distinctly different benefits.

Memory + Focus is designed to support: memory, focus, mental alertness, brain blood flow, and healthy BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) levels.  

SuperBeets Heart Chews is designed to support: healthy blood pressure, heart healthy energy, nitric oxide production, circulation, and heart health. 


What can I expect to feel when taking Memory + Focus Chews?

Many people who take Memory + Focus Chews consistently report having more mental clarity and feeling more alert throughout the day. Most people report seeing results when taking consistently for 4-6 weeks. Individual results may vary.

What are Memory + Focus Chews good for?

Memory + Focus Chews can be a smart choice in your day with two clinically researched ingredients combined to help support:

- Memory

- Mental Alertness

- Focus

- Brain Health

- Cognitive Health

- Brain Blood Flow

- Healthy levels of BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor)

- Reduced oxidative stress

What’s the best way to take Memory + Focus Chews? How many Memory + Focus Chews can I take in a day?

Take 1 Memory + Focus Chew at any time of the day. We prefer using it earlier in the day to help support cognitive function during their day.

You could take 2 Memory + Focus Chews in a day. We always recommend consulting your doctor.


What makes SuperBeets by HumanN products better than others?

HumanN has invested in numerous clinical trials and boasts a science advisory board featuring a who’s-who of medicine, nutrition, and kinesiology science, including a Nobel Laureate.

When it comes to ingredients, we source globally for the best ingredients that meet our standards for both quality and science. You can trust there is never compromise when it comes to our innovative products and how they effectively serve your health needs.

Are SuperBeets® Memory + Focus Chews and Capsules the same? Are the ingredient amounts the same?

Memory + Focus is the same formula with clinically researched ingredient amounts in the exact same per serving dosages, available in both Chews and Capsules.  

- The main difference is Capsules is a flavor-less and sugar-free option. 

- Memory + Focus Capsules is a 2 capsule serving size. One bottle is 30 servings.

- Memory + Focus Chews is a 1 soft chew serving size. One bag is 30 servings.


How many come in a package?

There are 30 chews per bag or 30 servings. The per recommended serving size is 1 chew.

Customer Reviews

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

1 According to IQVIA ProVoice Survey 2022

* Source: J Neurosci. 2010 Apr 14; 30 {15}: 5368-5375

† Real SuperBeets Memory & Focus user. Remunerated scientific advisor