"What's good for your heart is also good for your brain. One of the primary ways the brain and heart work together is through blood flow."

Together Memory & Focus and SuperBeets Heart Chews Support:

- Blood Flow to the Brain and Heart
- Focus, Memory, Alertness
- Healthy Blood Pressure, Heart Health
- Heart Healthy Energy
- Helps Reduce Oxidative Stress

Power the brain. Power the heart.

Blood flow to the brain is critical to promoting overall brain health. Cerebral blood flow helps deliver oxygen, glucose, and other vital nutrients to the brain. As a result, healthy blood flow to the brain is essential for cognitive function as we age. By supporting arterial and vascular health, which is critical for heart health support, you are also helping support your brain health.

From the minds of neuroscientists & leading researchers

"One of the primary ways the brain and heart work together is through blood flow. With Memory & Focus, you get those blood flow benefits."

Dr. Marcella Madera

"Our circulatory system is set up to where it isn't always going to all areas of the body. Different parts of the body are getting blood flow based on what they need, so regulating blood flow is important during daily activity. If we don't have proper blood flow to the brain, we can feel fatigued."

Dr. John Ivy

Redefining How You Think

The only cognitive chew of its kind, containing a clinically-studied, fermented Resveratrol to promote brain blood flow and support overall cognitive health. Memory & Focus also contains a patented coffee fruit extract, clinically shown to support memory, mental alertness, and help reduce perceptions of mental fatigue

Redefining How You Feel

A heart-healthy powerhouse that helps promote energy and normal blood pressure as part of a healthy lifestyle. It features a novel and clinically studied grape seed extract rich in proanthocyanidins (potent antioxidants), made from select grape seeds used for white wine production in France. Plus, an added boost of non-GMO beetroot grown here in the USA for additional circulatory support. As with the fermented Resveratrol, Grape Seed Extract is an all-star ingredient for supporting healthy blood flow for heart health.


Blood Flow to the Brain + Heart

Memory & Focus provides a clinical dose of highly pure, fermented Resveratrol shown to promote brain blood flow and support overall cognitive health. It also has a patented, clinically studied coffee fruit extract, supporting healthy levels of BDNF, a key neuroprotein which supports memory, mental alertness, and cognitive health.

Grape Seed Extract has been the focus of much human research over the years due to the positive effects the high concentration of antioxidants can have on blood flow and cardiovascular health. The Grape Seed Extract found in SuperBeets Heart Chews is backed by a human clinical trial involving 119 health subjects that promoted normal blood pressure as part of a healthy lifestyle amongst the subject group.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try it risk-free for 90 days and see how you feel. If you don't absolutely love it, you may return your product to us for a full refund of the purchase price, minus shipping and handling. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I notice new packaging. Is anything changing about the products?

No.  You will still get the same formula you know and trust. We’ve updated our packaging across our entire product range to make the shopping experience better for you. You may notice variations in packaging designs. However, please be assured that the product remains unchanged, delivering the same quality and reliability you've come to expect and trust.

When will I start to receive new packaging?

You will start to see new packaging as soon as April.  Our goal is to have most of our products in new packaging by the end of 2024. 

How do both products in the SuperBeets Heart & Mind bundle support blood flow?

SuperBeets Heart Chews contains a unique French grape seed extract, clinically studied to support circulation and blood flow, which supports heart health. Memory & Focus includes a novel, Fermented Resveratrol clinically studied to promote brain blood flow and support overall brain health.

How should I use SuperBeets heart chews and Memory & Focus?

SuperBeets Heart Chews and Memory & Focus can be used at any time during the day. You may consume both products together or you can take each product separately at different times of the day. We recommend whichever way that fits your daily routine the best to ensure consistent compliance.

Is there beetroot powder in these products?

Yes, there is 300mg of non-GMO beetroot powder per serving in Memory + Focus, and 500mg of non-GMO beetroot powder per serving in SuperBeets Heart Chews.

How many servings are in each package?

One package of SuperBeets Heart Chews contains 30 servings (60 chews). One package of Memory & Focus contains 30 servings (30 chews).

Are these products GMO-free?

Yes! SuperBeets Heart Chews and Memory + Focus are guaranteed non-GMO. They are also gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and free of preservatives, artificial colors, sweeteners, and contain no palm oil.

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